Organize yourselves around value


When you start to transform an organization from a traditional project organization into an agile organization, you also need to reflect on how to organize yourself. Do we have to work the same way we always did and do we have to be organized the same way we always did?

Based on my personal experience I can say that it is often a big decision for the organization and it will also be something that will take some time and learning.

Step 1.
My recommendation is that your organization start their Agile transformation with first and foremost to educate, educate because in many organizations we do not know how to work in an Agile way and because we are very likely to learn something new.

Step 2.
Then spend some time figuring out your value streams and how to organize around them, so you really have to figure out how to put together your teams to deliver a good flow of value to your value stream and ultimately to your customers.

The transformation from a project organization to an agile transformation is a big decision for both large and small companies, if you have any questions or need some inspiration, feel free to contact us.

The result of a Value Stream workshop

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