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Have you experienced sitting in meetings that are boring, or experienced that there is no involvement of the participants, or experienced being interrupted in an important point of a meeting, or experienced that a workshop did not motivate you at all and therefore you do not have any ownership of the result from the workshop?

Liberating Structures is one of the tools that can help you, we have found at Pace that by using facilitation structures like Liberating Structures we can very effectively involve and reap the value of many brains working together, it is the basic idea in the agile world is that we want to work together more people because then we get better, but Liberating Structures is not just for Agile. It can be used in public sector, NGOs and a lot of other places.

Liberating structures are made up of 33 Liberating Structures that can be used to facilitate meetings and workshops.

Liberating Structures is built around 5 elements which are;

1. Structured invitation (it’s all about the invitation!)
2. How the space is arranged and what materials are needed
3. How participation is distributed
4. How groups are configured
5. Sequence of steps and time distribution

Liberating Structures is based on 10 principles, but you can read more about Liberating Structures yourself

EVERYONE can use Liberating Structures, you don’t have to be a facilitation expert, it can be a little difficult to get started with Liberating Structures, but we can help with that, see our Events there is definitely a Liberating Structures you can sign up for, otherwise please feel free to contact us.

Some pictures from various events where we have used Liberating Structures.

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