March 28: Liberating Structures in SAFe

Do you want to experience high energy and high involvement for your SAFe events, you want to make sure everyone is heard or do you need a little refresh for the toolbox.
Group of young business professionals having a meeting
Dampfærgevej 27-29, 2100 Copenhagen Ø
09:00 - 17:00

From passive meetings to involving SAFe events

Need some inspiration to get your SAFe events to next level?

I think we have all participated in uninspired and uninvolving SAFe events.

Following this liberating Structures SAFe meetup, you will get the tools to engage and motivate your participant for your future SAFe event.

Many of us miss tools in our toolbox to facilitate our events. Liberating Structures is one of the tools you can take advantage of to improve the energy and engagement of your Events, and this Meetup gives you more tools.

A Saturday with Liberating Structures in SAFe can help you. It can help you engage people in your Events.

The goal of the day is to give you new tools to improve your events and try your new tools in practice.

Agenda 9am – 5pm

  • Introduction to Liberating Structures
  • Facilitates team events
  • Lunch
  • Facilitation of major SAFe events
  • Reflection
  • Dinner (optional)

The whole day will be facilitated with Liberating Structures. “Meta with meta on top”.

Prepare for a day of high energy and high involvement.

The event is in English

The event takes place: Dampfærgevej 27-29, 2100 Copenhagen Ø

Prices: 470€ for Liberating Structures in SAFe events 9:00 – 17:00, including food and drink and material you can use afterwards.

DKK 54€ for dinner afterwards nearby.

The target group:

You must have some experience with the Scaled Agile Framework in practice. Roles in SAFe that can benefit greatly from this course are Lean Agile Leaders, Business Owners, Product Managers, Release Trains Enegineer, Scrum Master, System Architect and Product Owner.

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About Tim Pedersen

Working as a freelance Agil Coach at several different companies in Denmark. Has practical experience with Liberating Structures in SAFe, Scrum and with leadership groups in agile.






About Jakob Sørensen

Jakob helps people and organizations to unleash the full business potential by customizing adaptive practices. Facilitate events in Squads, Tribes or Agile Release Trains (ART) with a twist of Liberating Structures. This has proven to help engage, motivate and commit to the work need to be done in order to reach the business objectives.