Learn Scrum in an easy way

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If your team missing a refresher at Scrum principals or do you need a fun and engaging event for a team building day.

The Plus-Plus Scrum game is designed to give a quick introduction to Scrum, it’s a fun and effective way to learn Scrum. Most of us learn best by trying it out, and you will most certainly do so with the Plus Plus Scrum game.

We’ve created a Plus-Plus Scrum, the reason we choose to do it as a game, is because people learn best by trying to do it physically and by doing it as a game we make sure people relax and thereby ensure a better opportunity to receive learning

The game is in all its simplicity to build a zoo with Plus-Plus and of course learn how to work as a Scrum team, the game can be performed with one team or it can be performed with several teams scaled, in a SAFe framework.

So some of the things you can try are how teams can self-organize, how a Scrum team can start something new and of course a lot of experience with how a team works in Scrum.

You can read much more about the game here and see how to do it yourself. In Danish

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