Kanban vs Scrum

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I often meet teams that would much rather run Kanban because they think it sounds easier than Scrum, that way the team things they don’t have to sprint planning and everything else.

Unfortunately, it’s just not quite right if you really want to run Kanban, then you have to understand how it works, how to use it optimally and one of the main focus areas for Kanban is flow, you have to optimize your flow and find bottlenecks in your flow, if a team can’t figure it out with Scrum then it will be really hard to get the value out of Kanban

The idea of ​​the Agile approach is to constantly look back at how you have worked and see if you can find improvements for the future so that you can become even more efficient or get even better flow, improving flow is the most important thing for Kanban.

Kanban has a keen focus on removing bottlenecks and seeing where to improve one’s flow, in itself not difficult to understand but reasonably difficult to perform. Read more about the Kanban game(Danish)

I recommend that if you have a new team that would like to use Kanban then it is always a good idea and learn how to do, the easiest and most fun way to learn is by playing and trying it, both can be done with a Kanban game, you can read more about the Kanban game here

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