Vision for Pace

Based on many years of experience in the IT industry, it is obvious to us
that working with an agile and lean approach to everyday life is more effective.
Our goal is to introduce and help the organization as a whole to an agile and lean mindset in processes and tasks.

Coaching Scrum, SAFe, lean or agile models
Daily help and coaching in working on a Scrum, SAFe, lean or agile model. We have many years of experience in introducing employees and organizations to these specific working models.
Education Scrum, SAFe, Lean or Agil
Need specially adapted training courses in Scrum, SAFe, Lean or Agil? Pace can put together a course that suits your organization.
Agile transformation
You are in the midst of an agile transformation, need help supporting your transformation process, based on a SAFe, Scrum, Agil or Lean framework. Pace has extensive experience helping organizations in this transformation


The name Pace is chosen, as one of the biggest challenges organizations often face is a workload that employees are unable to accomplish. It is a general challenge in society. Companies are demanding robust employees and unfortunately employees feel a huge pressure in their everyday lives. At Pace, we are very conscious of working at a sustainable pace. It is extremely important to create a basis for being able to perform at a high pace – yet at a sustainable pace and for the employee to keep that pace for many years in the company.



Focusing on the Scrum and Scrum master roles and focusing on coaching in an agile environment, Pace can help implement and develop your agile framework, which is a range of different agile models that you can choose to implement SAFe, Nexus, Spotify or Scrum but common from all of them is their value set, that is exactly the value set we are coaching for. We work on 4 levels as we customize your needs, Coaching, Facilitation, Training and Mentoring.


As part of an Agil transformation, one has to learn, learn new ways of working and learn new knowledge that can help to understand. What we exile in our focus is to teach in the most effective way, that is, with involvement and tailored teaching to your needs. Among other things, we have taught:

  • Servant leadership
  • Team performance
  • All SAFe courses
  • Value stream analysis
  • Agile values ​​and principles
  • Scrum


The task of a facilitator is to make it easy for participants to arrive at a result, it can be a result that deals with an agile topic or a result that can be about something completely different, even the content is not that important when facilitating. But locally, how many people and who we work with is very important. We have experience of facilitating anywhere between 4 and 150 people.



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Tim Pedersen


From many years in the IT industry it has always been my focus to make people understand each other, this is actually what can produce good results.

Understanding and communicating is my focus.

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